Preparing for Birth in Amsterdam.

Based on the classes of Carita Salomé

Women who learn about birth are more active participants in their own birth process!

Learn about the stages of labor, options for pain management, breathing techniques. How to push during birth.

Should your body be your guide?

In two sessions you can get ready:

  • Detailed explanation of the physiology of birth.
  • Coping skills to handle the contractions for dilatation of the uterus.
  • Postures that can provide dilation in a positive way.
  • Pushing in a natural way with muscles, that will help to gain power in different postures.

Attend them with your partner or alone.

The sessions take place in my practice at the Prinsengracht 513 in Amsterdam.

Private arrangement, call or mail:

Sandra Hanssen-Langenveld, 06-26544851